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wind power


Sustainable energy source

Wind is a clean, free, and readily available renewable energy source. Every day around the world, wind turbines are capturing the wind’s power and converting it to electricity.

Wind turbines allow us to harness the power of the wind and turn it into energy. When the wind blows, the turbine's blades spin clockwise, capturing energy. This triggers the main shaft, connected to a gearbox within the nacelle, to spin. The gearbox sends that energy to the generator, converting it to electricity. Electricity then travels down the tower to a transformer, where voltage levels are adjusted to match with the grid. 


Wind energy is clean

Electricity generated by wind turbines does not pollute the water we drink or the air we breathe, so wind energy means less smog, less acid rain, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. If we increase wind power’s contribution to the eastern grid by 30%, we could reduce carbon production by almost 19%.

Hybrid power

Utilization of wind and sun energy in one element.

Wind power is a sustainable energy source that is an essential part of a hybrid energy approach.

With solar becoming cost competitive with wind, towards 2020, wind and solar together are expected to become the largest generation source of new renewable energy installs going forward.

While both sources on their own suffer from a degree of variability (the wind doesn’t always blow and neither does the sun always shine), both, paired together, deliver a much more reliable energy stream than each would on its own. 

Close up of wind turbine

Leading the way 

Madison Food Park will set the standard in energy efficient production facilities. 

Using a hybrid approach to create a cost-effective energy system is just one example of the innovative thinking from Madison Food Park.

Implementing a safe and clean energy system is a big part of being a good steward of the land.  

Madison Food Park is committed to

protecting the Montana environment

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