water reuse



Reusing treated water

The dairy processing facility will be served by onsite water and wastewater facilities. Wastewater treatment will be completed onsite using Montana DEQ-approved wastewater treatment system(s).

Commonly practiced treatment technologies will be used for managing both domestic and process waste streams, and beneficial reuse of treated effluent will be performed in a manner that is compliant with DEQ and local government regulations.

Madison Food Park may employ a technology called acidification to treat process wastewater before seasonal storage and beneficial reuse via land application/irrigation. 



Acidification is a robust, automated process commonly used at dairy processing facilities and primarily consists of the following:

• Equalization
• pH adjustment
• Dissolved air floatation
• Sedimentation
• Solids dewatering (as needed)

The acidification process equipment, if deemed necessary, will be housed inside the processing facility before exiting to the seasonal storage ponds 


Surface water 

Surface waters in the vicinity of the project will be protected by maintaining effective runoff collection and conveyance systems to direct storm water to onsite detention ponds where it can be detained and treated prior to discharge.

All wastewater treatment and/or storage ponds will be designed such that they are safeguarded against impacts to local groundwater and surface water by utilizing adequate liners and/or best management practices to avoid leaks and spills.  

Madison Food Park clean water

Water Reuse

Recycled water can be a benefit.

The process wastewater will be pretreated using nutrient reduction/removal technologies, and then treated/stored in a facultative pond system, followed by land application of treated effluent on approximately 10-15 acres of cropland, either onsite or on adjacent farmland.

All liquid whey will be stored onsite until it can be hauled away and used as feed by area ranchers. 

Madison Food Park is committed to

protecting the Montana environment

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