Promoting Montana Poultry

Promoting Montana Poultry


Natural & Organic Cooked Chicken

Friesen Foods, Inc. is committed to providing you with wholesome, delicious and 100% Montana premium young broiler chicken.cooked natural chicken breasts,drumsticks,wings, thighs and ribs.


Processing the best quality

Friesen Foods, Inc. is committed to providing Natural and Organic fresh slow-growth broiler chickens whole, halves, quarters and cut to pieces such as breasts, drumsticks, thighs, wings and ribs.

From non-marinated to marinated, skinless to boneless, tray pack to bulk pack, Friesen Foods will process only the best quality to meet customers’ needs and requests

Natural & Organic Fresh Chicken

Friesen Foods, Inc requires strict protocols to be followed by Montana Broiler Chicken Producers. As a processor, Friesen Foods will source only Montana broiler chickens that are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones and animal by-products.

An on-farm verification program will ensure that a veterinarian comes to inspect the barn and feed mill frequently to certify that the nutrition used is natural or organic, no diseases are present and proper space is provided for optimum growth and animal welfare.

Proper record keeping is essential and must be verified; such as feed and water intake and proper control settings and monitoring that the exhaust fans provide adequate ventilation. Proper and humane handling of broiler chickens leads to better quality meat. 


Montana Build its Agricultural Future

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