Managing Member Mr. Edward Friesen

January 18

Great Falls Ignite 2020

Edward Friesen speaking at the Great Falls Ignite 2020 event 

Here's the transcript of Mr Friesen's Great Falls Ignite 2020 presentation:

“I'm Edward Friesen, I'm from Lethbridge Alberta and I call Great Falls my home as well, because I'm here a lot. I have been since the early 90s coming down to Great Falls area and the whole state of Montana to work with the local Ag and food industry.” 

“I'm the managing member of Madison Food Park and I just want to give you a quick overview of what we plan doing moving forward.” 

“We're going to build a little cheese factory 8 miles outside of Great Falls, on the 2,000 acres that we own there. It's going to be a 20,000 square foot building and the other building that we're doing is a distillery, called Silver Falls Distillery, it's also 20,000 square feet.” 

“The cheese that we intend on producing in the State of Montana is an Artisan Organic cheese, it's going to be made from Montana raised milk, and we want to start producing a Montana brand of dairy products and Artisan cheese will be one of them. Again, it's very important for us that all milk be sourced from the State of Montana.” 

“Our Silver Falls Distillery, which we are just working on the SUP for that, and we hope that we will be successful in that application.” 

” One of the core principles of our company is to be a clean corporate citizen, basically good stewards of the land. One of our high priorities for Madison Food Park is we intend on using energy from various sources, that will be one of our priorities as well, hydrate energy systems such as using wind, solar, geothermal, natural gas, anaerobic digestion, and we want to do some on-site electrical generation, if that is possible.” 

“Madison Food Park and Big Sky cheese will be focusing on the Montana brand cheese, as I mentioned before. The supply from Montana milk producers is not at the level that we are going to be needing, and moving forward initially I believe it's a great opportunity for the milk producers in Montana to expand and with that to create sustainability and stability of the price.” 

“With the milk supply being less than what we will eventually need, there's a great opportunity for growth.” 

“We are going to have to focus on local businesses to market our cheese, and one of the ways to do that is with small and environmentally friendly packaging materials being used. I see it as an opportunity for us to partner up with some of the presenters that have been here today.” 

“There's a lot of spin off business we believe we can create, and the initial construction is one part of it, but going forward we anticipate growth in the professional, legal, accounting banking, insurance industries.” 

“We also believe that we can work with local education organizations and institutions, colleges and universities to develop scholarship programs and to work together on research and development for unique brands and marketing from the State of Montana”. 

“Local community involvement is important for us and so helping local schools supplement their school lunch program is something that we will participate in as well.” 

“It will be a gradual growth over a period of time, and we look forward to working with many of you.”

Mr. Friesen’s speech was well received by the attendees and many supporters talked at length with him after the presentations were concluded.

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