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Press Release
Madison Food Park, LLC
Cascade County Special Use Permit Application
December 2019

Madison Food Park, LLC. (MFP) intends to develop a state-of-the art distillery on its property, located at 8346 US Highway 89, east of Great Falls.

The distillery will be leased to and operated by Silver Falls Distillery, Inc. for the importation, distillation, bottling/packaging and storage of liquors/spirits.

The environmentally-friendly distillery will likely include a tasting room, occasional tours, and possibly a small retail/sales area depending on licensing conditions.

The principals of Madison Food Park anticipate that when the facilities are operating at full capacity, the distillery will create up to 18 employment opportunities.

Madison Food Park principals also believe that there will be positive impacts throughout the local business community for contractors and subcontractors, building material suppliers and other related business enterprises that will support the distillery and its daily operations.

The footprint of the building will be ~20,000 sf. A portion of the building will be two stories high and the overall estimated height of the building will be ~30-35 feet.

The estimated water usage of the distillery is estimated to be 1,600 gpd (1.28-1.52 ac-ft/yr.). Liquid waste from cleaning and disinfection is estimated to be 1,150 gpd. Domestic wastewater is estimated to be 450 gpd, which is the equivalent wastewater produced by approximately one or two residences.

Process wastewater will be pre-treated onsite, then seasonally stored in treatment/holding cells. The treated effluent will be beneficially reused through land application on approximately 10-15 acres of cropland, either onsite or on adjacent farmland.

Domestic wastewater will be treated and disposed via a conventional septic tank and drain-fields, all in strict compliance with DEQ and local standards and regulations.

Madison Food Park is dedicated to being a responsible developer and is committed to being a positive contributor in the growth of Montana’s economy.  

Madison Food Park LLC and Big Sky Cheese LLC are very pleased to receive Cascade County ZBOA’s approval of their application for the Big Sky Cheese plant.

We would like to thank the distinguished volunteer members of the board for their service to the community and their diligence in reviewing the facts before coming to a unanimous decision.

We would also like to thank our many supporters for their continued support and encouragement.

We are confident that this approval marks the beginning of the development of a value-added industry that will benefit all of Montana.

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