Our Goals


Vision Statement

Madison Food Park, LLC ( MFP) was established specifically to develop a “Food Park” in the County of Cascade, Montana. For more than a dozen years, considerations have been made by various industry companies and professionals, regarding the eventuality and possibility of Montana Ag producers being able to sustain and support food processing facilities.

After careful consideration and evaluating this concept, Madison Food Park, LLC has determined that now is a good time to begin the “Food Park” development. To support & enable Montana Ag producers to realize higher profits and more opportunities to expand their own operations by significantly reducing their freight costs, lower shrinkage; reduce carbon emissions and establishing a “Proud Montana Brand”.

The “Food Park” will be dedicated to the production of Certified Organic, Non-GMO, Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free and Animal By-Product Free foods raised in the State of Montana.

Montana Ag producers will have an opportunity to increase production and to maximize their profits, directly because of the Value-Added Processing Facilities anticipated to be built by Madison Food Park, LLC.  


Montana Brand

The Pride of Montana produced and processed real quality foods is the ultimate goal. Madison Food Park will be using natural and organic ingredients to provide foods that reflect the “traditional” way of making good food.

Consumers increasingly reject the use of harmful preservatives, artificial coloring and flavoring & excessive packaging and that’s why Madison Food Park seeks to become a leader in natural foods.

Using the most modern and computerized equipment to process foods, Madison Food Park will certainly optimize the yield and reduce the possibility of bacteria transmission to virtually zero. Laser and waterjet cutting equipment will enable Madison Food Park to be accurate in measurements and utilize Ag products efficiently.   

Creating Quality High-paying Jobs in Montana

Montana construction worker


Growing together

With highly technical computerized and specialized equipment most mundane and repetitive “line-assembly” types of jobs will be limited, and more jobs will be higher paying and require a higher education.

This will certainly increment the mean salaries paid to employees. Many jobs will require a certificate, degree from college or university to calibrate, program, analyze and maintain the computerized equipment. The Federal Government Employment Hiring Practice called e-Verify will be implemented to ensure all employees are legally in the USA and are eligible to work.

Madison Food Park will grow at the speed of the development being completed and procurement of Ag materials becoming available as provided by Montana producers. This will ensure that there will be a gradual recruitment of employees and not to have a sudden influx of people, which could strain the infrastructure such as housing, schools, medical, roadways, etc.  

montana river


Greenest protein processor

Madison Food Park is finely tuned to being a good steward of the land.

The goal is to be “off-grid” and produce most electricity on-site with state-of-the-art natural gas fired generators. These generators will be using energy sources from solar, wind, steam, battery and natural gas.

Furthermore, the effluent, by-products and rendering will be turned into methane gas which will also be used as heating energy. Water treatment will be achieved by the use of reverse osmosis and a biotechnology process, which will partly return the beneficial reuse water into potable water.

The water treatment process will enable Madison Food Park to use the same water more than once, essentially reducing the fresh water use. The intention of Madison Food Park is to be considered the “greenest processor” in America.  

Montana Civic Center


Growing together

The spin-off business from Madison Food Park activities are estimated 4:1. For economic dollars being produced by Madison Food Park, other business will benefit four times that amount.

Businesses such as transportation, energy, housing, medical, legal, retail, restaurants and entertainment would benefit from the anticipated growth and inevitable increase of the population.  

montana dairy farm with cows

for growth

Growing together

It is expected most dairy producers in Montana will need to expand their current size substantially to meet the milk requirement of Madison Food Park.

Historically, milk prices in Montana have been too low for producers to earn a decent income. With an opportunity to process cheese, the value added and potential increased price paid to the producers is substantial. This inevitably produces economic spin off and further employment.  

Montana Dairy Farmer inside barn


Producing Profitability

The financial strength of the Montana producers will likely increase because of a supply contract with Madison Food Park. The procurement & supply contracts should assist in facilitating lending (if required) and guarantee and stabilize the income and profitability of the producers. 

MSU culinary students

Food science & education

Growing together

Madison Food Park will also need highly specialized employees whose aim will be to research and develop new food products for marketing.

These individuals will have strengths and aptitudes in food and biological sciences, literature and art, marketing and computer science.

For this reason, Madison Food Park wants to incorporate accredited programs by the Montana State University to assist in food development. A kitchen stadium for the culinary arts will certainly be a great venue to cooperate with the local university.  

MFP Milk Programs

Community involvement

Helping together

It is the intent and goal of Madison Food Park to get involved in the daily school meal assistance program, providing much needed milk and dairy products for under privileged kids whose parents struggle to support their families.

Other local community charity programs will also be a great way for Madison Food Park to contribute and give back to the community.  

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