Award-winning and Gluten-free Vodka


World Class Vodka

Molly Vodka, LLC is a producer of Ultra-Premium Vodka for distribution worldwide. Molly Vodka is 40% ethanol distilled from US-Midwest corn, which is Gluten Free. However, it is the 60% natural clean water that makes the vodka Ultra-Premium quality.


Vodka, translated from the Russian word “Водка”, meaning “Little Water”, was coined because Vodka tastes and looks a “Little like Water”. Water, (Russian word “воды“) is the main ingredient in Vodka blended with ethanol (60%:40%). In 1405, in Akta Grodzkie, Poland near the river Vistula, the word Vodka was first recorded in court documents and was written in Cyrillic for the first time in 1533.


Quadruple Distilled

The vodka in a bottle of Molly Vodka TM is Ultra-Premium and of quadruple distilled quality. This world-class, award winning vodka is made with cold, crystalline water from the Norfolk County aquifer.

The process used to distill Molly Vodka TM ensures the highest possible quality and best flavour. 

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