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Madison Food Park LLC

Madison Food Park, LLC (“MFP”) is a duly incorporated entity and was registered with the State of Montana in February 2017. The Managing Member is Mr. Edward Friesen, who has been in the Agriculture Industry in Canada and USA for over 30 Years.

Mr. Friesen has extensive knowledge & experience in the fortified Vitamin & Trace-Mineral Premix (“VTM”) for livestock nutrition, including species such as swine, laying chickens, broiler chickens, milking cows and beef cows.  


As co-founder and co-owner of a prominent VTM Premix company, Mr. Friesen has collaborated closely with the USDA, FDA, CFIA, OMRI and Oregon Tilth to work towards higher standards of food, specifically animal production, husbandry and management.

Mr. Friesen has diligently and effectively worked with Montana, Alberta and Saskatchewan Ag producers since the early 90’s to bring sustainable, scientific and logical solutions to producers. Solutions which have included on-farm & multi-stage nutritional diet formulation, management oversight to ensure the humane treatment of animals; as well as health and internal barn environmental management. 

Creating High-Paying and Long-Term Jobs in Montana


Madison Food Park is the real deal

Montana’s Dairy Industry is in desperate need of additional opportunities if these producers are going to stay in business.

Many dairies in Montana have shut down due to a lack of profitability.

Madison Food Park’s Value-Added Dairy Processing will benefit Montana Dairy Farmers.  

Madison Food Park, LLC.

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