Helping Montana Build Its Agricultural Future.


Helping  Montana 

Madison Food Park is an environmentally conscientious developer of a state-of-the-art “Food Park” in Cascade County in Montana to meet the needs of Ag Producers.

Madison Food Park and its affiliates intend to bring value-added food processing to the State of Montana to reduce the carbon footprint from sending most Agriculture out-of-state.  


The “Montana Brand” will be created and marketed in-state and nationwide to enable Montana Ag Producers to prosper and grow.

To preserve the Montana Agriculture Heritage is a key component of the success of the local and state economy.  

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Growing together

Madison Food Park is dedicated to being a responsible developer and preserving Montana's Agriculture Heritage.

Madison Food Park believes that safe and sustainable development will create jobs and opportunities for all Montanans.

Benefiting Montana Dairy Farmers

Value Added Dairy Processing  

Madison Food Park's Value-Added Dairy Processing will benefit Montana Dairy Farmers.

Montana’s Dairy Industry needs an additional opportunity.

Montana fluid milk facilities currently account for only small percentages of all dairy products consumed by Montanans.

Madison Food Park is focused on producing an Artisanal Cheese that will market and promote a superior product.

Racks of round cheddar cheese

Artisan Cheese

Big Sky Cheese will be manufacturing hard, fresh and aged Round Clothbound Cheddar Cheese and Gouda Cheese as well as a dairy-milk based Feta cheese.

Essentially, these cheeses will be in the category of “Artisan Cheeses” because of the old-fashioned production process and the natural & unadulterated ingredients being used.

Like back in the olden days, our Natural Cheese will have a simple list of ingredients. Including fresh Montana cow milk, natural bacterial culture & microbial enzyme, organic annatto colorant and sea salt.

This process differs greatly from competitors’ typical cheese which contains filler ingredients such as modified milk Ingredients, skim milk, potato starch, corn starch and cellulose powder.

Whole milk produces a higher yield cheese with better flavor because of the butterfat it contains, whereas skim milk produces a drier cheese and lower yield. 

Investment  For The Future

State-of-the-Art Technology in the Treasure State.

Montana is currently not in the position to enter the commodity cheese market, which requires a facility with low production costs and the ability to process 1-2 million pounds of cheese daily.

Montana construction worker

Friend To The

Working together

Local Montana trades will be relied upon for their expertise to build the
Madison Food Park Cheese facility. 

• Construction
• Electrical
• Landscaping
• Plumbing
• Road workers

Friend To Dairy Farmers

Got milk?

The Dairy Industry in Montana is simply not profitable, and many producers have closed their production facilities. The fact is that the milk prices are too low for a dairy to survive.

With a Dairy Processing Facility which produces skim milk, cheese, butter and protein drinks, it is possible to pay higher for the Montana-sourced milk and create a big opportunity.

Currently, most of the skim milk, butter and cheese come from Wisconsin, Indiana, California and other States because Montana simply does not have any processing facility to add value locally.

Our proposed facilities will produce approximately 8,800 pounds of cheese per day. This will require 88,000 pounds of milk from Montana Dairy Producers. 

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Friend To
Local Businesses

Growing together

The spin off business from Madison Food Park activities are estimated at 4:1. For economic dollars being produced by Madison Food Park, other business will benefit four times that amount.

Businesses such as transportation, energy, housing, medical, legal, retail, restaurants and entertainment would benefit from the anticipated growth and inevitable increase of the population.  

Friend to the Environment 

Madison Food Park is finely tuned to be a good steward of the land. The goal is to stay “off-grid” and produce electricity on-site with state-of-the-art natural gas fired generators.

These generators will be using energy sources from solar, wind, steam, battery and natural gas.

Furthermore, the effluent, by-products and rendering will be turned into methane gas which will also be used as heating energy.

Water treatment will be achieved by using reverse osmosis and a biotechnology, which will return the beneficial reuse water into potable water.

The water treatment process will enable Madison Food Park to use the same water more than once, essentially reducing the fresh water use substantially.   

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